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New Cast Iron Trim for Smoker..

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This needs a bit of explanin.. I usually build smokers on trailers.Bigger the better. My wife, Dwarf just calls them a pile of rust and rubber. With
good cause I guess. This time I surprised her with something a bit overboard compared to what I usually wind up with. I gave away my
last double smoker [Propane, bottles and all] Just too big..

The middle of next month my house and property will be paid for and I am gonna invite some friends over for a small celebration.

I have been lookin for some cast iron pigs and trim to paint up and mount on the small smoker. One site on the net had some pressed metal pigs for 7-8 bucks . Not bad but I got a iron piggy bank offa ebay and some scroll trim. they will look good red I guess. I just took the screw outta the pig and now I got a left and right.. Supposed to be an antique but it ain't.. don't matter for this anyway.. Pig and scroll I got about 15 bucks total..

As far as antiques go, I got took. As far as what I actually wanted.
I made out like a fat rat..

Ought to be a good party.. a morgage burnin party.. I got a jug of Crown Royal I bought on the tenth anniversary of the payments to celebrate with. I outgrew drinking and OTHER forms
of entertainment that usually wound up with me in jail. BUTT I am sure gonna spritz it with Crown Royal and put the rest in the sauce. That way every body can join in with a drink.. Hemi..
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I can't think of a better way to celebrate your payoff. You could send me the Crown and I'll send you a quart of finishing sauce though!biggrin.gif
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With his Crown HE CAN get Sauced and Save on Postage...icon_mrgreen.gif
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quite an accomplishment.

my party comes 1-1-11, cant wait.
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No house payment, congrats. Nice iron too.
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