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Got Ice Cream?

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The sale of NM chiles started today at 6:00 hrs, and Gloria and I were the first ones in the store. We grabbed (3) 30 pound sacks for $28.99 a sack, and the roasting was free. We headed out to the front of the store only to find out that the roasting didn’t start till 08:00, so we shot the breeze with other chileheads and took a few pics. I sure wish I had one of those propane tanks, I could smoke for a month on one tank.
We’ll have enough to last us another year, we feel very lucky in that we found the chiles after the harvest was over. Now I have to start putting a dozen in each freezer bag, not a clean job. Thanks for checking out our pics.
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gotta love fresh roasted chillis!
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Cool! Glad you were able to get some chiles.
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Awesome Rich.If i lived out your way-I might have pitched a tent out front of the store....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great find there Rich. Glad that you got your winter supply.
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Wow! Aren't you all lucky to have that available...the chiles and the roasting. Glad to hear you took advantage of it and congratulations!
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Man Rich thats a heck of a fine and roasted for free you the chili man.
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There is nothing like the smell of roasting fresh green chiles. Great score.
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It would be so great to have a place like that around here, not only a great find on tons of chilis but they even roasted them for free in front of the store.
I expect we will see several chili dishes in the months to come.
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Sorry to get in late on this conversation. I see you are in Whittier, I am in Yorba Linda, I've never seen Albertson's have these events going on down my way. When do they do it? next September I'd like to be out early standing in line for roasted chilies.
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We need to hook you up with DanMcG and his cold smoked vanilla ice cream!
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Yeah I've been in Orange County my entire life and never seen one of these around here. That's awesome!
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I will post when the chile hits town, it's always late August or early September.
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Originally Posted by richoso1 View Post

I will post when the chile hits town, it's always late August or early September.


Awhile back someone ask me to post when the NM green/fresh chile sacks would be available in So Cal. Well folks, here’s the lowdown as of Thursday, July 08, 2010.


I just spoke to the produce manager at Albertsons, and he said August 28th starting at 6 am, the chile sacks will go on sale for $32.99 per sack including roasting. The sacks are a bushel or around 30 lbs. If you have any questions please call the produce manager. If you're in a different area, call your local Albertsons market; and ask for the produce manager. Ask if they will be carrying the NM green chile sacks, and the details. You might want to print this out or copy the information to your calendar.

If I get any other dates and/or locations, I will update ASAP.

Albertsons Market
855 Wilcox Ave.
Montebello, CA 90640
(323) 724-0462



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Too bad we dont live closer Rich  I have an extra tank like that I could sell you real cheap!


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Is that just in Cali. or is it nation wide. I would like to get some of those for the off season.

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Originally Posted by BayouChilehead View Post

Is that just in Cali. or is it nation wide. I would like to get some of those for the off season.

As far as I know this information is for SoCal., but I'd call your Albertsons produce manager to see if he can hook you up. Good luck.

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I am sooooooooo jelous! I miss having access to fresh hatch chili's

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Update for SoCal chileheads from El Rey Farms, Hatch, New Mexico.


El Rey Farms now has Fresh New Mexico Green Chile from HATCH, NEW MEXICO.

The Chile comes in 38 pound sacks, delivered to La Puente, CA.


The pickup dates for 2010 are:

1st Load Saturday August 14th - 2010

2nd Load Saturday August 21st - 2010

3rd Load Saturday August 28th - 2010

4th Load Saturday September 11th - 2010

5th Load Saturday September 18th - 2010The 5th Load is always depending on Mother Nature.


To Inquire or place an order please call(562) 946-8040 or (562) 946-9423 Monday thru Friday 10:00am PST - 6:00 pm PST* Saturday and Sunday 9:00am PST - 4:00 pm PST* *After Hours Messaging Available

*Ordering Hours will be adjusted as Season Progresses Quantities on each load are limited... Call ASAP to schedule your pick up date, time & type.

You can visit the site by click on this link http://www.elreyfarms.com/home.html 


Enjoy Amigos!

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Memories memories, I used to get mine in Ignacio new Mexico for like 15 bucks A bag from the Indians there. It was A party in front of the store every morning. Then the durango diner for green chili over breakfast. Those were the days.

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