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Made up a couple of 2 lb meatloaves today. Trying a different recipe than I usually make. Didn't tell the family, should be interesting to see if they notice, lol. Using cherry today, temp is running 250. Should have taken pic before I put additional wood in, lol.

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Those look GREAT!!!

The extra smoke in the pic is making my mouth water!
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I have a smoking buddy now. Her name is Diesel, no I didn't name her. She's the neighbor's dog who managed to worm her way under the fence and into our yard. I made the hole bigger so now she can go between the yards without having to squeeze under the fence. Sometime soon the nieghbors will be putting a gate in the fence between the yards so our kids and the dog can come and go easily between the yards.

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Nice loafs there dawn and your new smoking buddy. Is he the colprit that made you change the woods. Just remember you always have an out now. the dog did it.
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Lol, no she's not the reason I changed wood. Now that I'm just using lump to fire up the smoker and burning wood for fuel, I'm running out of everything at this point. Time to restock soon.
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Looking good.Nice to have friendly neighbors.icon_smile.gif
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new to the game so i haven't tried meat loaf there is a smart pooch, my dog loves the smoking game too.
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The Meatloaf looks Great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Diesel looks like maybe she gets fed on Both Sides of the fence, eh?
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Meatloaves are done. Taste good if I do say so myself, lol.

Waiting on abt's and scalloped taters that I threw in while the smoker was already chugging along. smile.gif

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ABT's are gone already, no finished pics.

Scalloped potatoes are nice and smoky tasting. Took about 3 hours to completely cook.

Kids didn't say a word about the meatloaf being different. Either they didn't care or didn't notice, lol.
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The bark on those loaves is outstanding, along with the smoke ring. The scalloped spuds look fantastic also. Can't comment on the abts' as I don't eat em, and wouldn't know a good one from a bad one.
P.S. Have you called "Jenny" for Diesel?
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Thanks. smile.gif
No, can't say as I have called her anything other than her name. lol
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