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Injected Butt, & marinated spares with q-view

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Getting some prep done for my all day pork, and football feast tomorrow. Picked up a slab of spares that weighed in just under 7#'s. Also grabbed a bone in butt that was just over 5 #'s.

Trimmed the spares, I saved the skirt for some future cooking, and I am going to do the tips tomorrow as a snack.



I am going to inject the butt with the following marinade later this afternoon, and then rub the butt with mustard, and a rub then wrap, and refrigerate until tomorrow morning. I will apply another coat of the rub before putting the butt on the smoker. I am also going to toss the ribs, and tips in the leftover marinade I dont inject in the butt for a couple hours before applying the rub on them & smokign them.

I plan to use up the rest of my cherry, and oak for this smoke.

marinade recipe:
1 qt apple juice
3/4 cup O.J.
1/4 cup Lea and perrins
1/4 cup cider vinegar
1/4 cup hot sauce
1/4 cup brown sugar

Gonna serve the pork tomorrow for dinner on Hawaiin rolls, and topped with some cole slaw I am doing(bought the pre-shredded veg, but I am doing the slaw dressing from scratch, I will post a recipe of that later.)

more pics to follow as the prep, and cook goes on.

thanks for looking.
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Sounds like your off to a great start and its looking like a good day for football. Can't wait to see more qview.
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I just wish I was eating this pork today, and didnt have to wait til tomorrow. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I injected my last shoulder. Absolutely loved the outcome, and so did the family. Looking forward to your review of how this injection recipe works for you. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Used the same injection last weekend on (2) butts I did for a picnic, I didnt get to try much, but the little bit I did have was really good.
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Hey Chisox,

Sounds like a great plan...the injected butt I had yesterday was really good. I think I will probably make this a standard practice...it was that good!
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Sounds great man! Next brisket ya do inject it also. You will love the results.
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As always, great start! Im sure they are going to be wonderful!
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Thanks Rick. Just what I needed. Another excuse to cook a Brisket! lol (trust me I am full of them) Until last week, I had never injected anything other than poultry. First was a shoulder now on to beef.
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Sounds like a great plan. Looking forward to more qview.
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I inject everthing I do but ribs. Just for a starter on Brisket I use canned beef broth as the carrier and season it with my rub. Man oh Man! I use apple juice as the carrier on everything else.
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thanks folks,

got the injection marinade done, and in the fridge, gonna inject the butt around 5:00 to give it 12 hours.

Also made the dressing for tomorrows slaw to allow the flavors to meld:

1-1/4 cup mayo
1/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup cider vinegar
1 tsp celery salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp cajun seasoning
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I heard about injecting a butt somewhere before and I recall it came out good and juicy. Today I saw benjamin inject a chuckie with honey and said it was really good. So get r done and we will for real if it's good or not and seeing ther shooter rick is injecting sounds like it should be a good thing.
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butt is injected, rubbed with mustard, and rub, wrapped in plastic wrap, and ready to go tomorrow morning @ 6:00 a.m.

I will marinate the slab of spares in the injection marinade for maybe 2 hours, and get them on around 8:00 a.m.
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Had a snack of the tips yesterday:

Injection Marinade ingredients:


slaw dressing ingredients:



Pork Butt:



after a night wrapped in the fridge, re rubbed:

5:00 a.m. on the smoker:

Marinated the spares for 2 hours in the injection marinade, then patted dry, and put on a light coating of rub

ribs in marinade:


7:00 a.m., on the smoker:

more photos to come later.

thanks for looking.
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12:30 p.m. q-view:

finished spares, put some Open pit, and Hoisin on the ribs as they rested:

close up:

really nice spares for game 1, butt is about to be pulled foiled, and put in the cooler, temp @ 195.
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5th butt I have ever done turned out the best yet. this was the second one I have injected the night before. This 5+ # bone in butt took 10 hours, then got wrapped in foil with some apple juice and honey, wrapped in a towel, and then tossed in a cooler for 3 hours. I am impressed by the bright red smoke ring myself. The taste was excellent. served on a hawaiin role with some bbq sauce, and the homemade salw on top. Also some of the last sweet corn for the season.

out of the cooler:



thanks for lookign, a great weekend, nice brined chix, good spares, and top notch pulled pork imho.
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Oh my; that is some great looking Q. Job well done........points
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thanks rick, got the butt out just as the rain started yesterday afternoon.

looking forward to a pulled pork sandwich for dinner, and spare rib fried rice tomorrow.
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I got lucky too, just pulled a bunch of meat from the Horizon and it started pouring.
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