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thanks, she likes to help cook, and I try to encourage her to learn.
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Guess I'm not the only one trying these out today.
Have about an hour and a half before I can pull them off the SnP, using oak, apple and a bit of hickory.
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Very nice! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I tried this recipe out on Sunday, and all I can say is "wow."

Smoked with a little apple wood, and at a slightly lower temp than suggested. It was a bit of a chilly day and I had a little trouble maintaining anything above ~240 degrees, but I did the best I could and just increased the cook time a little to compensate. Still some of the best chicken I've ever made.

Many thanks to Chisoxjim for the recipe.
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Glad you liked the chicken.

I have to thank Gary Wiviott, and his book Low and Slow for the basics of the recipe which I modified to my taste.
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Dang would this work for my thanksgiving smoked turkey?

I bet it'd work out well for the fried turkey as well.
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Based on some feedback from folks who have done the buttermilk brine for a turkey I am going to do one. I will do (1) standard stuffed turkey in the oven, and smoke (1) buttermilk brined turkey this year.

Not enough people coming over this year to offer a turducken like I did last year.
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Thanks for sharing your awesome looking chicken. You guys sure make good food here. We are going to try this chicken this week, look forward to tasting this one.

This place just makes you excited to smoke doesn't it?

Eric & Lora
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Points for the creativity of the brine! I'm with Mark B. on this ... always heard that buttermilk made chicken very moist and tender when frying it ... never thought of using it prior to a smoke but am definitely going to try this soon!
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I made these yesterday. Thanks Jim. The best tasting chicken I have ever had. I would recommend this to everyone to try.
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Good Monday morning, I took a dabb of this over the weekend, I put a small tukey and a large roasting chicken, in this brine for about 36 hrs, with excellent results smoked with a combo of hickory and apple in my MES, If I had to decide which was better I would have to go with the turkey, both are delicious. next I will try chicken quarters in this brine
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looks excellent jim!!! i got to give this a try for sure!!! thanks for sharing and answering all the member questions as well as the nice qview. points.giffrom me!!!!
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thanks, I love talkin' food. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

The wings I made this weekend were with a midified version of this brine, alot less salt, and some honey added. Turned out really good.
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thanks big train, I have been doing a bunch of bbq(same ol' ribs, abt's, etc..), and got a new smoker, a WSM,(cant use it til x-mas though).
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Good deal! My wife won't let me have any new smokers... Kinda sad if you think about it. Im going to attempt either a UDS or another home grown... Not sure yet... My winter project...
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All the women cooks here in Savannah use buttermilk for fry chicken so I will have to try this idea. Waiting for more pics.
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thats a pretty common practice a nice soak in the buttermilk before deep frying.

I am going to pick up a fresh breast or small turkey tomorrow @ a local turkey farm for thanksgiving, and it will get an overnight buttermilk brine the night before thanksgiving & being cooked on the smoker.
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I am trying your recipe today, the buttermilk brine smelled awesome. I have the chicken on the smoker right now I will let you know how it turns out.
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please do, I bet youll like it. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

this brine is aweome imho, I use it on petty much any poultry I smoke nowdays. Thanks to Gary Wiviott for the base & idea for my version brine..
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I looked through several of the posts for Chisoxjim's buttermilk brine recipie but never could find it. There was apost that said it had it, but there was no recepie. Can someone post the actual recepie with the ingredients please?

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