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New Drum

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Hey All! I've been deciding which design to use for the intake for my new UDS. I like the single larger intake(1-1/2")but the only 90* elbow I found was galvanized. If I put the pieces of Galvanized metal in the drum during my initial burn and get it real hot to burn off the galv. coating then wire brush....will that be enough?
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YOu can't get the drum hot enough to burn the galvanization off. It is applied at over 800 F. Steel can be exposed to 390 F before the zinc peels off. Zinc melts at 780 F.
I don't know when fumes are released. However you will have cool air being sucked into the elbow while the fire is burning. I can touch my intakes and they are cool during a smoke. The one I cap is warm but doesn't burn me to the touch.
Regular black pipe is cheaper.
My two cents. Good luck to you.
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If you are just using galvanized for the intake or exhaust you shouldn't have to worry because it is not going to be in direct contact with the heat so therefore would not get hot enough to give off fumes...
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Thanks I was wondering if it really mattered since it was for the intake and exhaust!
will it matter then if I use zinc plated bolts to hold the cooking grates or the charcoalbasket together?
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I am using galvanized for a 2" intake and no problems. I won't weld to it but it doesn't get anywhere near hot enough to matter. Le has some good links for when it gets dangerous to use galvanized.
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Like the others said, you're fine using it as an intake.
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I don't work in metal, so I can only pass along what I've heard over and over. And that is to NOT use anything but stainless steel hardware for the grates and basket.

But again, I don't know about the others, but I don't work in metals.
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I agree with Big Steve. No galv. for fire box or grate. You can use steel non plated, it won't last as long as SS.
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Thanks alot for the info! You guys are awesome! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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