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Yep.. Pictures of leftovers...

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You read it right... Leftovers.. This is a pork roll that I froze a few weeks ago. As good as new.. Wife and I both have got a cold and didn't feel like fixing anything. Put this out to thaw this morning.

Nuked it with a little gravy and enjoyed the krap outta it..

Yup... gotten low enough to snap pics of leftovers... Hemi..
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Nice looking Q, I'm not too proud to eat leftovers.

First time I ever had leftovers was last week. Fed 36 people , sent em all home with burps and sore bellies. This is all that was left.

Finished it up the next morning. I swear it tasted even better reheated in the smoker.
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I love using smoked food in leftovers and the fact that BBQ freezes and thaws beautifully.
Last night I threw together some leftover pulled pork, roast beef and sausages that were all smoked and frozen and made a pretty good no-bean chili.
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I'm with y'all on the leftover Q, it does take to being in the fridge real well.
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Surpised something that good looking made it to leftovers... It looks great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I'll tell you have any of you re-heated some fattie and put it on bread and alittle of mayo Pure heaven.
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Had some left over pulled prok for lunch today. Love being able to go into the freezer and find a little Q. Good looking pork you have there.
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