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6 Minute Chuck Steak

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They had a good deal for the meat i like to grind for hamburgers-tomorrow

So i marinated 1 of the 4 with red wine,lime juice,fresh tyme and tarragon for 3 hours

Got the hell pit hot and thru some hickory wedges on

Chuck steak a searing

3 minutes a side-was 141 internal and rested 6 minutes

Some beer battered fries with my fresh homemade ketchup

Fine 3 dollar a plate meal.....
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Great deal on those steaks, may not be $.20lb but still a great deal and perfectly cooked.
You'll have no trouble staying warm next to that "hell pit".
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Nice looking plate you got there.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great Looking Steak...
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Man Alex that looks good and I don't care how much it cost. That some good eating there and I don't care who you are thats good eats.
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Wishing i did two of the four now.I work to hard for that amount of protein.....wishing i was LOL......Forgot the veggies-dang.Have some sweet hamburger tomorrow though.........
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Good looking steaks, Alex! I could have one of those for breakfast.tongue.gif
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I was going to say that is one heck of a hell pit for 6 minutes of action and one steak!!

But lookin good!
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Great looking steak there Alex.
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