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Need a new smoker

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Im looking for a new smoker. id like to find something similar to: new Braunfels Longhorn Smoker. really not trying to spend that much any ideas... thnx in advance
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Make sure you check Craigslist in your area, one time I found a brand new never used sNp on there for $65, well I found it but then when I called the person their phone was disconnected mad.gif
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Build yourself a USD, you won't regret it.
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What he said... Craig's list is full of bargains, I have found many deals which were almost like stealing on there. It just takes patience until you find what you want...
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I have been saying that for a while now. I need to give in and buy the darn thing. I want a vault or just a bigger gasser maybe a big block or smoething.
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What is a usd?
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Upright Drum Smoker...I think there was a typo it is actually a UDS.

Do a search, they are really prevalent with many excellent builds that are detailed.

Good luck!
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After I posted I realized the typo. Thanks....

Anyone ever heard of or used a LA Caja China grill. Just saw one today on tv but no explanation about it. I looked at the website. looks interesting. It can be turned into a smoker too. just curious!!!
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