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What cut of beef to make roast beef for slicing or cheesesteaks?

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and what temp do you cook it till? thanks
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Personally I like sirloin tip roast and I take it to 140 internal
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OK thanks i might do one tomorrow night or Saturday
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Yumm don't forget Qview
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Cheesesteak up this way-philthydelphia is always rib-eye sliced thin..Cooked quick and rare-brown to the eye but still medium-rare or rare...
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A real philly..... i can only imagine....

I use to work in King of Prussa PA and exeperianced a "Philly Cheese Steak" I am conviced that they can not be recreated outside of Philly.

I only wish someone from Philly would relocate to Chicago instead of trying to copy.

Those were the days.
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Like Alex said, in the shops in Philly they use Ribeye, tossed in the freezer for a few hours until firm and sliced thin then cooked.
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Yes you can use ribeye (very expensive) for a sammie but you can get by with what Jerry said.

Also look into a bottom round or a top sirloin or a top butt
http://www.chow.com/ingredients/256 .
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I like the top round for roast beef. I like the flavor and it's usually on sale here every few weeks.
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Ribeye is preferred, but top butt (sirloin steak) is a close second. Anything from the round would be too chewy, and sirloin tip would be about midway between sirloin and round. To fry the sandwich you'd want to put a hard chill on it while raw, slice it paper thin and fry it up fast with your veggies, pulling it apart as you go, then cheese it and off to a bun or wick. But, ribeye gives it FAT (Flavor And Tenderness) from fat moreso than any other cut.
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i have bought roast beef and fried it in a pan and made darn good cheese steaks so roast beef will be ok i cant afford ribeye
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as others have said, thinly sliced ribeye was what we used @ Philly steak place I worked at.

With that said I have made steak sandwiches that came close to a Philly steak with thinly sliced london broil, and other cuts of beef.
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I with jerry on this one. I use sirloin tip roast. It's great for smoking because it smokes fast and easy. I did a 12lber and it only took about 4-5 hours to get 140*
Here's a link to the one I smoked not to long ago.
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OK, now I'm just saying that if your doing cheesesteaks, it's ribeye...if you're making hot roast beef or french dip or something, then you can go to a different cut...I'll dig deep in the threads, there is an awesome sammie thread started years ago for a smoked italian toasted roast beef sammie...

I have NEVER found a cheesesteak like the ones around here, it's not just the steak and cheese, it's the roll...for me Conshohoken Bakery roll, if you ever see a way to try them, you just have to for a good cheesesteak..

and I don't eat mine wit...
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Here's a link to the Italian Beef Sammies...

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wow nice looking roast i have to try beef and those brussel sprouts look great sauteed i never tried them that way i will now!
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rib is always prefered but $$$....sirloin, flat iron, and even skirt can be used but i would not cook all the same way.
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I use eye of round. It is a bit tougher, but the grain runs the right way for slicing against, and it is like 99% free of fat and stuff. Kind of reminds me of a beef version of a pork loin, albeit tougher.

I smoke it up to 125 degrees, let the carryover take it to 130, and then chill it quickly. Once in a semi-frozen state, I can make quick work of it with my slicer into deli-thin pieces. Makes great French DIp sandwiches with au jus as well.
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I've used top sirloin steaks but was not happy with the texture. Not tender enough because it was so lean. I have had good results with flank steak. Rib eye is the preferred
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I've used flank steak without any regrets or complaints.
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