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How to cancel

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I was going to place a reply to a post on the board, went to add a couple of pictures, I messed up then tried to correct it. Now the old pics that I put on earlier won't go away. I can't find anyway to delete the post or pics?? Anyone understand what I am trying to ask??? thanks
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Do a edit on the post. Bring up your post and at the bottom find edit key. You can then delete the pic code in the text or go advanced and manage attachments found top of advanced edit window. HOpe this helps.
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I got this thing all messed up------
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I believe you can also go to edit your post, go advanced and right click on the picture and select delete.
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yep-edit then save.......
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Yepper just edit and hit delete and you'll be done with it.
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As a last report you can delete the picture in your control panel.
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