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anybody heard how dutch is doing after his foot surgury?
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No I haven't but dammit I'd sure like to.

Anybody have any info give it up please.
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Wish I had info but none here either hope all went well
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He is probably sitting out in the yard looking at his new Lang with a big 'ol smile on his face.
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I think I missed something, I thought his Lang was delayed? Did he get it yet? I hope, it would lift his spirits a little.
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Sure do hope he's doing well.
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Well Lets wish him well and recovery smooth!
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My Wife had foot surgery on July 10th and if his is anything like hers was he is probably crashed out taking pain medications...

Sure hope he is alright...

On my wifes the first 3 days were the roughest...
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If he's like me after a big surgery, he'll be zoned on Dilantin and not giving a s*** about anything.LOL
Good luck Jeff, and I'll take care of that delivery of yours.He-He-He...
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