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Boneless Baby Back Ribs?

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The meat counter I shop at has "Boneless Baby Back Ribs". Are they just part of a pork loin? And what is your recommendation for smoking them. They are about the same thickness and length of a half rack of ribs.
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I think it is the meat cut off the top of the ribs but I'm not sure about that. I'd treat them like any other rib ob the smoker but the cooking time could be shorter.
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Sounds like they picked up some McRibs from McDonalds biggrin.gif
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My Dogs would Bite me if they didn't have bones with My BBQ...icon_mrgreen.gif
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wheres Ronald !
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Sams's carries them all the time.

Here is how I did some.
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Thanks for the reply Ron, do you recall what types of temperatures you tried to get them up to?
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I would do them just like Ron did they looked fabulous and juicy and really good too.
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I am thinking I did a 3 1/2 - 4 hour smoke, then seared them, I can't remeber the temps probably 150? Just don't over cook if possible.
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I must admit these were one of my complete failures. I cooked them far to long and they were dry, dry, dry. Did I mention they were dry . I did them like regular bb ribs and boy was that a mistake.
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No bones??

How did the pig walk??
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