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Pics from a newbie

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I have not been much on taking pics of what we are cooking because I have always been more focused on the food but here is a pic of a pizza fattie done for the kids. SORRY here is a link, files were too large

I hope this link works.
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Looks good...nice weave, and great color. How did it taste for you, and what wood and temp did you use?

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Looks great. Keep up the good smoke!
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Nice job on the Italian fattie, if you use the IMG code below each pic you will get this.

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They look great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

This will help you on Uploading and Posting Images (Qview) from Photobucket.

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Nice job.Posting pics will be second nature soon enough...
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Nice job..................
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Well I used hickory at about 225 for these. turned out great. I have a couple butts and some venison backstraps to do this weekend. I will definately be taking pics from now on. Thank you for the info on the q-view upload beer-b-q.
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Thats why we are here to help one another...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Man those look good, good on ya for persistance and learning how to post qview. We like qview , We Love Qview, heck we are nothing without qview.

points.giffor sticking with it.

REMEMBER Without Qview you may see the dreaded message......

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You did a great job on the fattie and the butt. Now everyone else has told you about how toos and what fors so good job and keep the Qview coming.
Because you know: " We are the kids and you have the candy"
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