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Was wondering if that would come up. "Oma" (my grandmother) turned me onto them. Although I probably haven't had one in 20 years now.....
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I helped some farm hands get in a crop of tobacco when I was a LOT younger when I finished workin on their tractor. We got snokkered at
Percy Flowers General Store in Johnson County NC. and I ate one on a dare.
They told me in the morning that I must have eaten 4-5 of them..
I tried one when I was sober and still liked it.LOL.. HemiPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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tunafish and bologna sandwich with mayo. goooood
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Not too weird but I love Bologna with brown mustard & cheese. cover the bologna & cheese with Nacho Cheese Doritos and slap between two pieces of toasted white bread. A nice side of pickles and a big glass of diet coke with ice. To die for!
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2 slices of toast with a heavy layer of super chunky peanut butter on each slice, a healthy layer of bacon, with 2 eggs over easy in between the slices. Must be eaten off a plate with a fork.

My wife says I am weird and the sandwich is absolutely disgusting whenever I make one !!!
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Well, well, looks like the sandwich's are coming out of the woodwork. Generally speaking, I think men are more prone to try things that sound off beat, but then again, it's all in the imagination. Personally, I think you all have good taste.
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My favorite is a scrambled egg sandwich. Two slices of bread with a pretty good coating of mayo and put about 2 scrambled eggs between them. These make a good, quick and easy supper when you don't really feel like cooking.
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mayo, sliced avocado, sliced pickled eggs, and feta cheese.
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Right up my ally Ron, thanks.
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Many years ago on the West Coast ( left coast to some), they had peanut butter with real bacon bits mixed into it, and they sold it in the super markets. Only lasted for a year or two.
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Chunky peanut butter with a bunch of crushed Nacho Cheese Dorito's on top and some pickle slices
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