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Anybody have a good app. recipe with chuckie meat?

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Hey all-

I smoked a nice chuckie over the weekend, pulled it and want to use it in some sort of appetizers for a party. My wife is already doing veggie potstickers so something like that is out of the question. Any ideas for something fairly low-maintenance? I was considering doing some small garlic bread toasts adding chuckie meat and a little horseradish sauce but I'd love to hear other suggestions.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Im actually close to the same boat you are in. I have one sitting in my fridge submerged in Italian dressing that I have injected with honey. I am looking for something to do with it after wards. Although I hope mine will carry a fantastic taste by its self.
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Nacho's are always good for Chuckie leftovers.
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Get some nice soft rolls and set up a sammy assembly tray, meat, pickles, cheese, horsy sauce, and whatever else comes to mind.
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They are awesome in K-sa-d-uz! Easy and really quick.
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I like the bascotti pieces just toasted bread pieces with some pulled chuckie. Hey throw in some jalapeno's stuffed wth some pulled meat and cheese your in there. If your not one for heat use plantos peppers there not hot at all.
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Now you're talking my language.
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Thanks for all of the great ideas. Guess I can't really go wrong with some good chuckie meat.
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Roll meat in flour tortilla's with cream cheese and roasted / diced peppers. I use Anaheims, but you can use the pre diced one's in a can to make things simpler. Wrap tightly in foil or seran wrap, and chill for a few hours in the fridge then slice into little rounds right before serving. Easy and a crowd pleaser.
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Leftover chuckie

Get you some premade thin pizza crust.
chop meat fine . sautee onion bell pepper and celery (add japs if ya like hot)
Mix meat into vegtables and season w/ your favorite stuff.
Get a small bowl (4-5") use bowl to cut circles out of pizza dough.
After meat has cooled place a good spoon full in the center of each circle. Fold in half and seal edges well .You can brush w/ egg and bake or you can deep fry these delicious meat pies.
Mix sour cream, CBP, a lil horseradish and a pinch of chilli powder for a great dipping sauce.
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Oh my! That sounds awesome.
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Mmmmm. Another reason for a leftover forum!
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