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Update on Pineywoods - Page 2

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Glad to here your recovering ok. We will keep you in prayer.
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Not going to work. He is already back online and in chat.
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Thanks people I'm still alive but ain't kicking yet biggrin.gif They had to move a nerve and repair and clean where a tendon is attached. He also injected steroids into another tendon thats giving me problems. He did two procedures and two incisions and said that was pushing it and he couldn't/wouldn't try to repair the one he injected during this surgery. Hopefully the injection and fixing the other stuff will do the job. I have a 8-10" incision on the bottom of the elbow and a 3-4" one in the middle and am in a hard splint and sling till the 29th then we'll see how things are. Doesn't feel good right now and I can't sleep so here I am biggrin.gif
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Didn't they give you anything for the pain and relaxation/sleep?
Would have hoped you would have gotten something for it, if not there is always medicinal...well just a natural organic healing plant that would help with the pain and help with the sleeplessness, all that aside,
Hope you get well soon Jerry.
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Man, just saw this and yer back already???? WOW, Jerry yer quick!!!!biggrin.gif

Hope everything turns out good for ya. Make sure and do what the Doc tells ya to do. Don't push it!!!!!

If ya do screw it up, can I have yer elbow to do an experimental smoke??? LOL PDT_Armataz_01_03.gifPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Hi Jerry,glad to hear it went well.Hope you manage to get some sleep soon and your arm will be ok for deer season.
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Glad it went well Jerry, I hope it's a speedy recovery for ya.
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sheesh!!! and here he is back online already.... hardcore jerry!!! glad your back and sounds like procedure went as planned. get mended up for hunting bud!!!
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Pain in the butt tryin' to type with one hand, isn't it? Drove me nuts until I got movement back into my left hand after the stroke! At least you should only be typing with one hand and be leavin' the other to rest!
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Welcome Back Jerry...

Did they give you any pain killers, I have a lot of back & leg problems and If anyone watches House on TV, I eat Hydrocodones about like he does.

With luck yours should only last a few days after your surgery.

Keep us posted...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Glad you're on the mend!icon_smile.gif
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Just found this !

I just happened on to this thread.
Glad your doing better !
You were the first guy I met Saturday, when I joined up. You & Dawn were very helpful, as others have been since.

I had a little trouble with my left elbow years ago. It didn't effect my actions though, since I do all of my typing with my right index finger, and drink beer righthanded.

Be careful with that elbow for awhile,
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Good deal, glad you're doing okay!
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Of course the Dude is already back His personal trainer has been sneaking him steriods for years. biggrin.gif

Geeze Jerry some friends ya got, your out of action for only a day and already their planning on smoking your body parts. tongue.gif The damaged ones at that!

Hint: Better get well soon cause hunting season is drawing near.

I have this mental picture of you trying to bow hunt with one arm. PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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Dawn, thank you for the update. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for Jerry.
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I'm also glad he is doing well and will be back soon. Look forward to hear more soon.
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Good to hear ... see ya soon Jerry.... did they have any Q in the hosp kitchen ??
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Glad everything went ok Jerry.....Im sure you'll be back on the tractor pushing down trees in no time .biggrin.gif
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Thanks Dawn, get well soon jerry.
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