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Silverado Smoker???

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Picked one up used...but never used LOL. I Googled and could find nothing on it. Model is: G-BQ048PST. Anyone heard of these?

It looks like a Brinkman clone and is an offset. I see I will need to due a few mods to it. Other than that should be OK. Metal seems to be a decently thick gauge.

Also what is the insulation rope that you use between the lid and the smoker so I know what to pickup? I will also do the "tuning" bricks. Exhaust stack is already level with the first grate.

Take care,

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Hmmmm - if it can't be found on Google, then it REALLY doesn't exist in my opinion. biggrin.gif

Do you have any pictures?
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Congrats on the new smoker post some pics for us. Maybe furnace gasket material that your looking for
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You have me with those request. I'm with the other two guys here. Please post some pictures and we might be able to help you better.
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