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Reducing the amount of smoke

Bearcarver, get yourself an adjustable pump. They are available on ebay pretty reasonable. I think I am using an Elite 803. I open it all the way up when I light it up (about 15 min before I put anything in the smoker) and then throttle it down so it just barely keeps the chips burning. I have air valve in-line t valve so I can also dump air. With my setup I really don't think I need the in line valve, and I may eliminate it.

With "forced" smoke I'm not sure if we can ever obtain thin and blue, I just adjust my vents and air flow so that I just barely see any smoke out of the stack.

So far no one has complained,
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You woke me up !

Thanks Nickelmore !

You woke me up. After you mentioned the adjustable pump, I ran down to my old fishing closet. I used to keep minnows alive in my basement with an electric pump. Then I would use battery operated ones to keep them alive on the road. I looked & looked for that old electric pump. I found it inside my old minnow bucket. IT STILL WORKS !!! It is an "A-807". It is adjustable, and goes from 500cc to 5500cc. That should solve my problem once I get used to using it.


PS: For long trips, we used to tape a funnel to the outside rearview mirror of my Dodge Pickup. Then run a plastic tube from the funnel, down through the window and into the minnow buckets. The faster I drove, the more air to the minnows.
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You know your a redneck if ,

Too funny !!!
I love it..........................PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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