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Fried ABT's OH MAMA!!

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I had about 25 ABT's left from an air show we were vending and I decided to take ABT's to the next level and fry them!
I used McCormicks Golden Dipt Onion ring Batter from Walmart that was a buck or two added a 1/2 cup of rib rub to it and then fried the ABT's up. I think I accomplished my goal of taking them to the next level these ABT's were AWESOME!!
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Look great Bossman...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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brilliant....! gotta try this..points.gif
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LOL, you win. Anything else we can do to make them more unhealthy for us? biggrin.gif
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I bet it was good. I am surprised someone just thought of it. Thank you Bossman, I am going to try it.
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Oh man Bossman, you just came up with something beyond the delicious ABT level, AND it is a great way to reheat leftover ABTs, by battering and frying.
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WOW them sound so good-gonna try bossman
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I can't belive someone else hasn't done this before, guess I'm the first to post pics of it icon_wink.gif
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i have some leftover ABTs from last night ...
i might just try this today ..
looks great ..
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You mite be the first to post but I'll bet you'll won't be the last. That is a great idea for re-heating Abt's. points.giffor sure for just coming up with the idea,
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