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Finished UDS

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Nice looking UDS, is the lid you use for those just a regular grill type of lid on the barrel?
By the way, if I may inquire...who are the Razorbacks?
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Arkansas Razorbacks,yea they ranked 40 or 50th,lol
Thats an old weber lid .thanks for looking
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Nice drum, how does it cook? Have you had time to season it?
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Sweet, nice paint job.. Do you have some sort of plugs for those intakes?
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magnets for the intakes,lol
Cooked some chicken quarters on it,temp was easy to get to and easy to keep em there.That was before i painted it.wanted to see how it would go.Very happy,my horizontal used soooo much more fuel!!
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Thats a nice drum you have there Budlight. I'm with fire whats are razorbacks. Oh it's that football team from Arkansas all right. Nice drum too but I personally think it would look better in Orange and blue .
Just kidding I have to throw in that jab.
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Nice Looking UDS you have there...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great job Budlighting! You are gonna love that drum! points.gif
Do you have two racks in there or one?
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Nice job! I am sensing a trend here...
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