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Canadian Bacon-The Smoke

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After 10 days a curin, here be the newest CB I done:

Outa the cure, rinsed an some cracked black pepper added. Goin ta the smoker next.

After smokin at 225°, coolin down so we can slice it.

Here we are on the slicer, sure does make quick work outa it!

Vac bagged an ready fer the freezer!
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That's a beautiful looking slicer you got there Tip.
CB looks great, slap a little label and a price tag on those bags and it would look like something you would get in a shop that sold fine cuts of meat. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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do you need my address so you know where to send it? Very nice Tip. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That slicer is old as the hills, but still does a fine job. Just picked up another one exactly like it. The thickness adjuster be broke, gonna see if I can get parts fer it, if not, guess it's a parts machine. Price was right, free!

Appreciate the good words fellers.
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nice CB there for sure.
I have a 8lb loin thats goin in the sure in the morning to get smoked a week from tomorrow. I cant get enough CB now that ive made several batches.
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Those pure packets of love for sure. Nice splicer also itn't true that the good old stuff is works just fine. Sometimes the best working parts are the ones that are older like the old tools that are still out there working just fine.
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Nice CB you have there...
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That is some pig as the movie goes! LOL
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Nice! Nothing like your own homemade CB.
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