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glad to here you liked it. Looks good.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

also if you want the bacon to be crispy then just cook it a bit higher or leave in a little longer.
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Great lookin' first time fattie! Looks really tasty and juicy....very nice.

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Thanks,I had it in the smoker for 4 hours,I ranged from 185-200F.I just have a charbroil electric smoker.I got it about 10 years ago and finally broke it back out.My father in law has two very large smokers.I usaully go over there and we smoke up everything from venison to turkeys,bacon,butts,the whole nine yards.My little smoker can't get up in temp to high,I could have left it in there longer but the little monsters were hungry!Thank you all for your help today.Plan on spending more time around here!!
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Maybe you can get one of those large smokers to your house PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Join us in chat sometime its a good time.
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Man that is a good looking fattie for the first time... the ABTs look great too...
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Glad you guys liked the Qviews.I must say I think I am hooked.I am thinking of what kind to make this weekendicon_mrgreen.gif.
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