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Needle Valve advice needed

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Howdy gang,

Even after poring over hundreds of posts, I'm unable to really pin down what (and possibly where) I should be looking for in a needle valve.

I have a Smoke Hollow 38" behemoth, and can't get it under 315 degrees. I see that the needle valve is a pretty common mod for propane rigs, however I couldn't nail down any specifics on what I should be looking for.

1) What specifications would make a needle valve ok for use with propane? Brass and 1/4 NPT? Is that enough? ...or are there other specs I need to know so I don't use something that shouldn't be used with propane?

2) Am I going to be able to find these needle valves at a Home Depot, or perhaps a specialty grill store? RV store? Or am I best served online...

3) Any pointers on installation? Teflon tape? Rules I should follow to avoid leaks?

4) I read some people had issues with needle valves tripping the OPD -- is there an order to "open" the valves? "tank, needle, regulator?"

Thanks in advance,

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Need Valve suppliers

I got mine at MSC industrial supply, http://www1.mscdirect.com/cgi/nnsrhm

I have also seen them at Grainger and Barrett hardware in Illinois

They have a few different styles, I did use 1/4 pipe but 1/8 pipe should be ok as well. My burner/valve is a home brew combinations.

I picked a brass one and found the other brass fitting that i needed at my local hardware store. I think i paid around $10.00 for mine.

I am still playing with burners, regulators and valves to get the correct match for my setup, but the needle valve and a larger water pan helped me keep temps around 200.

I have to agree with others on this forum that adding a needle valve can create a dangerous situation---if the burner does not have enough pressure to keep a flame when you close the door or a slight wind is around, it is not a good setup.

I never adjust the main control, I leave it on the high setting and adjust the needle valve for preheat to about 250 and then adjust it down to what I need after I put in the meat.

I would not advise cigaretts untill you get everything dialed in.

Good luck
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Have you contacted the manufacturer about the temps? May have a regulator or valve issue.

Does this unit have multiple vents? If it doesn't have any in the bottom you could add some (have read where others have added vents).
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I got mine at Grainger's...if you know someone with a business account, you can pick up a 1/4" npt for around 5 bucks.
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