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Netting / Mesh?

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I am looking to do some boneless whole turkey breast. Looked all over local area for netting/mesh that I could ball it up and smoke it in. No luck. Saw many threads with pictures, but no info on where to get online.

If anyone knows what to use and where to get online, please let me know. Want to make some smoked turkey breast and slice for sammies. Want the netting/mesh to be able to take the heat.


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Hi Ted, You can get it online at these shops...


The Sausage Source
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Plastic or Cloth for smoking at around 225F - 250F ?

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If it were me, I would just tie it up with butchers twine, it's less to have to deal with after the cook is over. I have cooked pork roasts with it on and lost too much of the bark after the fact since it stick to the netting. If you aren't putting a rub on it that may not matter to you.
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I use it on whole chickens.

Use the cotton stuff, the plastic will only break yer heart, an make a mess outa yer meat!

Soak it in vinegar before ya use it an it don't stick to bad.

If yer only usin a little, gota yer local meat counter an ya can usually get some from them.

Otherwise, online is yer best bet.

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Any links to the size #, etc from online source would be greatly appreciated. There are so many options.


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Butcher-Packer lists these:

#10 Salamies-Summer Sausage
#18 Turkey-Picnics-Sirloin Tip
#20 Roast, Lamb Shoulder
#24 Boned Hame-Leg of Lamb

That ain't all the net available, but gives ya an idear.

I use a #16 fer whole chickens.

Here's there page: http://www.butcher-packer.com/index....eyword=netting

Here be another source: http://www.davisonsbutcher.com/cart....search=netting
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