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On the Cooker Today..

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is a boneless center cut pork loin that just hit the grill. It's a small one, 2.5 lbs, rubbed with Lone Wolf Pork rub this morning. Got the Traeger up to 225 degrees, switched to "smoke" and put the roast on. 45 minutes from now I'll be wrapping it in some low sodium applewood smoked bacon. More updates to follow, SIA about the no Q-view.
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Turned it up to 250 degrees and wrapped in the bacon. Looking good and smelling great!
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Please please please tell me you have a thermo-meter like thingy. So if you do please insert it into the meat and take it (the meat) out of the smoker at about 140-145 and you should be fine now more please.
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Using a Maverick remote temp setup.

At 140 I pulled the bacon off the roast and popped it into the fry pan. Yummy appetizers. I left the roast in until internal temp of 150. I finish the roast without the bacon just to get some of the greasiness (sp?) off of it. It's resting now. My better half has the camera right now, when she gets back from Sputnik Fest we'll have dinner with my inlaws and pull the roast from the cooler. I hope to have some Q-view afterall.
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Everything was pretty darn good. Served up the pork with Tater Tots and green beans. The roast had a deep smoke, very moist/tender and great taste. I have a decent pic, just need to work on posting in. For now, the dishes are done and it's time to get the kids in bed.
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Here' the Q-View:

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Man, the pic was worth the wait.
Gettin ready to go over and have dinner at the folks place. Wish I were there instead. Nice looking roast!
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Looks great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Now that came out awesome looking pork loin with a nice smoke ring an all. Great Job
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MOre loin! Yes!
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Thanks everyone. And a BIG thank you to Erain for putting together the thread on posting pics from Photobucket.
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