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Let the magic begin...

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Started soaking a 3+ pound corned beef flat the other day.
Rubbed it down with Montreal Steak Seasoning and put it on the Egg this morning over some Royal Oak lump and hickory.
Can't wait till it's done - haven't had pastrami n a while. Have the kraut and swiss all ready to go.... icon_smile.gif
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Sounds good... the best of luck to ya
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You don't get much better than that elly. I have some rye bread too. Can I come over and play too??
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You should be able to make it here by the time I pull it off the cooker if you hurry!
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Mmmmm....pastrami time, I'll take mine with red onions, provolone and spicy brown mustard please icon_wink.gif
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Heck FIU - you are just across the river - come on over for supper.
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Sounds great elly, Pastrami is always a hit...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Here we go!!!

The plan was rubens tonight and since I had the Egg lit I cranked up the heat and did them on that.

Pretty Tasty....
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wow, that looks amazing!
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That looks delicious Elly...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wow those look good - Thanks for posting
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Looking good!
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Looks really good! Nice idea finishing them off on the egg, wouldn't have thought of that.
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