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Ive been challenged!!!!

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Hence my name, lots of pulled pork out here. Its good but it isn't any brisket. Im going to make 2 whole briskets next week but would like to experiment with 1 other. Anyone got a personal "killer" brisket rub recipie?
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welcome to the Forum, please stop by the roll call section and introduce yourself! plenty of friendly people here to give you all the help you need.
Carolina pulled pork is some of the best!! but Brisket is fabulous also!
Im sure you will get all the opinions you need to make your smoke the best!
welcome again to the Forum my friend!!
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Hey texan, be sure to drop by Roll Call and give us an introduction so we can get to know you better.
I use a chipotle rub on many things and love it, almost enough to even put in my cereal.
Have tried it on brisket, brisket to corned beef to pastrami, pulled pork, pterodactyl eggs and love it on all things smoked.

FiU's fired up chipotle rub
2T kosher salt
2t black pepper
1t white pepper
2t paprika (preferably Hungarian or Spanish)
1t cayenne pepper
3 dried chipotles, powdered
1 1/2t brown sugar
1t oregano
2t garlic powder
1/2T mustard powder
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Smoky Okie's method is pretty hard to beat.

His recipe is in the link on the first post.
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Welcome to NC (unless of course you are in SC). They don't believe in beef down here but us transplants do. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome to SMF...Lysanders spicy Bourbon rub is hard to beat
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First off would you please stop into Roll Call and properly introduce yourself so we will know you better. Now as far as you rub problem you cab get jeff's here it is very good and you will help out the site also. I have found a couple of store bought rubs that are pretty good one is from Old Bay the seafood and no it's not the same as the seafood seasonings. The other is a rub called ole country boy and its nice too. So see you in roll call
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