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I got a big ol' Butt

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My cousin recently got an account at a restaurant wholesale store. He picked me up a pork butt for $1.04 lb. I told him I needed between 18-20# for a smoke on Sunday. Well he came home with a 19.46# bone in Butt. After some quick rough calculatin' it would take around 29 hrs to smoke this bad boy. I have done many many butts in the past, but none this big. I want to cut it in half to smoke, but have never tried that before. I don't really see a problem doing it, just thought I would run it past you all.

Sorry I have been away for awhile. I have not smoked anything in nearly 8 months!! I am going thru TBS withdrawl.
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I don't see why it would be a problem, I have "disected" hunks of pork in the past and smoked them up with great success.
Welcome back to the addiction Brian.
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You sure there aren't two insidfe one pack? Is it cryo? I got some at thye restaurant depot and there were two in each pack.
If not, I'd like some spares off that hog.
I'd hack it in half and Dbone on the way.
Good luck with smoke.
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Willy, there is a chance there are 2 in the cryo pac! I will open it tomorrow to get it rubbed. I hope there are 2 in there, that will solve my problem.
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Welcome Back! If there aren't two in the pac, there is no problem with cutting the meat in half.
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Cut It You won't hurt it hack it up
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