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Luau blowout

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So we had a luau a few weeks back and I decided to go all out with some pork. Did 4 racks of spares, one pork loin, and a luau fatty.

The spares went on first. Used a pretty basic rib rub and cooked them at 225-250 for about 5 hours, mopping them every 45 minutes or so

Now for the fatty. I wanted to try something new for the luau, so went with grilled pineapple and nutella. It was pretty interesting. Not sure I'd do it again, but hay, you never know til you try.

A close up of the finished fatty

Ohh so good! Everything turned out great, but the food went way too fast, no leftovers from this one:( Unfortunately I was too busy cutting and eating to get any pictures after everything came off the smoker. I cooked the pork loin to about 145-150 and it was incredibly tender and juicy. As usual, I always top my loins with a mixture of cream cheese and raspberry preserves, with a touch of brown sugar and honey. Seriously good stuff!
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Great looking feast Beer!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wow looks amazing
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Very nice and very large smoke there beer. Looks like everything came out fine just needed another bunch of food for all the folks. Well next time you;ll be more prepared.
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Right on, looks good
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Nutella and pork. You are a nutella.
Nothing ventured nothing gained.
Looked good.
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Awesome Smoke there Beer...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

But where are the Hula Goils... icon_sad.gif
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It all looks delicious. What gave you the idea for the Nutella?
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Thanks everybody! I was pretty pleased with how this one turned out.

Beer-B-Q, great name by the way, we were lucky enough to have some hula gals, but those pictures might not be right for this site, haha!

Irish, I wanted something sweet to go with the pineapple and originally thought about using caramel. I didn't really know where to find it in the grocery store though, happened to pass by some nutella while picking up the raspberry preserves for the pork loin and figured I'd give it a shot. I love the stuff.
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Excellent.I have a few fruit flies buzzing around my pinneapple right now....Looks great.Gonna roast a pig next month...first of year....Shame.
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