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Nekkid Ribs

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I have been experimenting with different rubs and have failed to find any that I feel really contribute to a finely smoke rack of ribs. I bought 20 racks of BB's from a good friend in the Rest. business and going to use each and every rack to fine tune my method. Starting tomorrow...

We were invited to a friend's to watch the Gamecocks beat UGA tomorrow night and offered to bring ribs. I decided to start with a control group and smoke them nekkid, no rubbin. Does anyone else do this? What about one step forward from nekkid? Does anyone just use salt and pepper?


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I saw sumosmoke do naked ribs.She spritzed with cherry juice-which gave a beautiful color......
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I would think that a salt/pepper rub would be the simplest you would want to start with...maybe that plus garlic powder and paprika? 99% of all rubs have those 4 ingredients, so if you started there - you could add a spice or two until you find your ultimate combination.

Sounds fun - please report what you find out!
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I use a combination of cherry juice and spiced rum. It does add a nice colour tho it is quickly masked by the carmalized BBQ sauce.

Good idea! Actually, I plan to smoke 4 - 5 racks... your suggestion gave me the idea to do each slightly differnet.
- One nekkid
- one salt and pepper only
- one with S & P and gartlic powder and paprika
- one with ???? (thinking of Emerils essense???)
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Closest I've come to naked is salt, pepper, garlic. No mop, sauce, or foil. They came out ok, just had a little more texture than I like. This was done using spares.
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I recommend you read my Rib Primer located in this sub forum.
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I cannt say that I have done any naked ribs but I'm always looking for good recipes to try. So you go and I too hope those Gamecocks can beat Georgia bulldogs also cause Us Gators will beat the two of yous. Heck we gave you our old coach. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif Just kidding Have a good game
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I'm cooking 4 slabs or ribs tomorrow and all they are going to get rubbed with is salt, pepper and some brown sugar. I do like putting rubs on things, but more times than not... the above just suits me fine.

I'm going to be using my traditional bbq sauce on 2 slabs and an oriental style on the other two.

Oh yea.. and no foiling.
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Well, in the end this is exactly what I did on all of the racks. They came out perfect, exactly what I was looking for. The brown sugar mostly ran off when I applied my mop and need to consider ways I can pervent this. May forgo a mop next time and see if the brown sugar carmalizes a bit.

Thanks everyone!

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More often than not, the 'ol saying ~Less is More~ comes into play.
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Usually I spritz my ribs down with apple juice. This time I didn't do anything but let them cook. In the end you are going to loose a lot of your rub no matter whether you spritz or mop. Cooking low and slow, the most of the rub will be lost through normal sweating. Some will stay behind. If you want a decent Caramelization, spritz with apple juice or... the last 30 minutes put a light coating of sauce on it. If it's a sugar/tomato/catsup based sauce.. you'll get what you want.
In the case of my ribs this past Saturday, I had a little of everything in the end.. caramelization and goohyness goodness. Keep at it... half the fun is perfecting your own style and you will find what works for you.
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