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Seared Butt And Pork Steaks And A Score W/Qview

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Well, I stopped at Kroger and found this.

Why not, at 1.11 a pound, I couldn't pass it up.

This is the roast after cutting about 5 steaks off, they are in the fridge with some TQ. I'll put them on later. This was rubbed with Youshidas garlic and lemon pepper.

All seared and ready for the smoker.

Got my drip pan ready, 3 cups beef broth and onions and a few garlic cloves.

The MES in action. A couple of trimmings on the top rack for my helper Jakpot who is helping as usual.

I just called Krogers and they still had some left so I reserved 2 more 1 for buckboard bacon for sure.

Poor guy needa a haicut.

More to come.
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Looking good.I have seared the pork steaks in pan and then into oven in old days.I really like the pork flavor.The ones i smoked were excellent as well.Great price.

Staying tuned....
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What a great deal Ron, smart to call and reserve a few more.
I always love the shots through the smoker window, I would just sit there and watch the magic happen.
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Here are the pork steaks after about 2 hours in the TQ rinsed.

Here they after the smoke. Nice hammy flavor. Next time I would cut them thicker.

More to come with the butt.
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Great looking sear Ron. I'm sold on searing, it works for me too.
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Here it is and ready to be for foiled.

I'll be posting the finish tomorrrow.

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They look great Ron, what was the TQ to Water Ratio you used?PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job.Never thought to TQ them....
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How much TQ did you use, and how long on the smoke? This sounds good! Might have to go pick up some cheap pork steaks and try it out!
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No water just the TQ.

1 TBS per pound. I just eyeballed them. I'm guessing about 1 1/2 - 2 hours. I'll check my pics when camera is charged.
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Man everytime I see your stuff Ron makes me want to go and sear my next butt. I do like the steaks you cut there. thay look awesome and you had the tender quick on then for only 2 hours. Cool
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All done.

Piping hot out of the MES this am.

Bone ready to pull out.

All puled and ready to eat. The drippings were in the freezer and added back whien chilled and grease removed.

Carol's lunch.

Thanks for watching.
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I forgot this.

And this.

I picked up another 2, had them boned and stocken netted.
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