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Beginner Beef Smoke?

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I'm a beginner but have been able to make some pretty good pulled pork with my MES and have had increasing luck with each rack of baby backs i've smoked being better than the one before. Also did a very tasty ham. But now we want to try some sort of beef. What's a good beef smoke for a beginner? Preferably something foolproof. I was thinking about brisket but it's pricey and I don't want to screw up a pricey cut of meat. Any thoughts on something thats a sure bet? I'm getting good with the smoker but not 100% confident yet.
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Sirloin tip.Bottom round..Chuckies are fun as well.
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I would suggest trying out a chuckie, briskets are a bit more involved and something that you might want to hold off on until you intimately know your smoker and such.
Only problem with chuckies is that they can be expensive depending on location and sale prices but the same could be said for briskets.
You could always try out an eye of round roast, if you can find a good deal for them it is one of my favorite bits 'o meat to smoke and slice.
If you do end up doing a chuckie there are so many different directions you could go with them you are almost guaranteed to have a successful smoke.
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Another vote for Chuckie...the chuck pot roast is a great alternative to a labor-intensive brisket. Not that you shouldn't eventually try a whole packer - but for starting out...I like the chuckie.

Takes as long as a pulled pork shoulder, and will be very tender and flavorful like pulled pork, but with that destinctive beef taste.

Use a mild and simple rub that's recommended for beef. Yummm!
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Chuck is the only way to go for pulled beef. No fail take to 165' min and foil to 200' in the drip pan. Defat the juices in the drip pan and mix in with your pulled meat. I use 3 cups of beef stock and some thinly sliced onions in my drip pan.

Good luck.
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Agree with all that's been said in this thread thus far - the Chuck roast is a very easy, tasty, and typically reasonably priced chunk of beef.

Rub it, throw it in the MES, try to keep the temp about 230ish, foil or throw in beef broth about 160 - 170, then take to 205.

Wrap in a towel, place in a cooler, and let it rest for at least an hour, then pull.
It's practically foolproof.

My MES runs hotter than what it shows, based on my remote probe thermometer, and it's also hotter on the right side above the heating unit. I try to put the meat right in the middle of the middle shelf, and my temperature probe in the center of the top shelf.

I did the italian version that's posted by fireitup, and it was one of the best chuckies I've ever done. I would highly recommend that.
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chuckie, or beef ribs, both pretty easy, and comprable technique wise to a butt, and pork ribs imho.
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I would do a chuckie or two, makes some great sammies! Smoke to 160° then foil and bring to 200-205° and pull the meat. So tasty!
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I agree with the chuck roast. Do a search for glued2it french dip. That is great, You can get a tender chuck at walmart. It is a good cut of roast.
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Well it looks like everyone here likes the chuck roast and I'm not coming to go against the rest. I do think it's a good first shot at beef. I would do one regular then try one for pulling like Ron said and do it the way he says too. then jump up to the sirloin tip roast it's alittle more pricey but it's not really because they are usually bigger and they are good for dinner and then slice it the next day for some yuumy sandwiches for a while. Go For It
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