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Rate this Burner Flame

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Is this the expected flame? Too much yellow?

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Looks like a Smoke Vault burner...

Flame color-to-height raio looks very good to want a bit more amber with a higher flame (richer fuel/air ratio) in order to maintain the flame with the resulting higher drafts/flows through the fire box and cook chamber. If it's too little amber/too much blue, it can "suck" the flame out...that's been my experience anyway. All blue is the cleanest burn, but not the most reliable.

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It looks fine to me but I'm not really a good expert on flame.
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Bingo ....

Just getting ready for my first smoke (seasoned her last weekend) and wanted to make sure all was right. After the 5 hour seasoning I noticed some light gray residue/soot on the bottom of the chip tray and thought I might have a flame issue. Just call me paranoid.

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No worries on the grey coloring...that's just a good sign that your cast iron pan got heated up want that before the first smoke. 5 hours is a good length for seasoning, too. Sounds like you'll be good to go!

I'll be hanging around on here every evening so if you need help, just ping for somebody.

There's a buncha Vault users on SMF, so help's never too far away.

Good luck & happy smokes!

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That may be the answer.

I get an all blue flame even at medium. Is that because I have the fuel air mixture set wrong and could it be the reason that when I turn the regulator to extreme low where it has to be to get the temperature down to 230f on hot days it will often blow out.

I think that may be the case . On your advice I will fiddle with the setting till I get it to burn similar to Aucivil's pic.

I love MY Masterbuilt 7 in 1 but have not used it much because of the flame blowing out in light winds. I did build a good windbreak but wind has a funny way of changing direction on you and blowing the flame out.

I was going by how the burners on my Kitchen stove are set. They are pure blue and burn very clean. But then there is no wind in my Kitchen to blow them out.
I knew that I needed more gas flo and didn't know that I could get away with having a little orange. I only used the burner on cold days last winter because then I could crank on the gas knowing that the increased flow wouldn't be suseptable to the wind as much and it wouldn't blow out.

By jove I think that may be the solution to my problem. God I hope so, I will be able to use it more often.

I can live with some light gray residue/soot on the bottom of the chip tray.

Thanks for the pics Aucivil they really helped. I gave both forluvofsmoke and Aucivil points for a good question and a good answer.
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Looks perfect to me. You don't want it looking like my first Smoke Vault.
PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif I exchanged this one for another new one.
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Good information

I was all ready to go get a new burner for my smoker because I couldn't turn it down enough without it blowing out. I think I'll try that first. Once again this site have saved me some trouble!!!
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Any hints on the vent settings at the bottom to achieve what you have explained? Thanks in advance....
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I just went out and checked out my Smoke Vault. There may not be an adjustment on the burner venturi tube unless you do a partial dis-assembly...not sure on that though. I can see the venturi inlet air screen section from underneath, but it is partially hidden inside the burner housing. I can't tell if there is any adjustment or not.

The screen must be kept clean in order for a proper mixture...if it gets too dirty/clogged with greasy dirt, spider webs, etc., there will be alot more yellow/orange present on the flame tips due to a rich fuel/air ratio.

As for the cook chamber lower intake vents, they won't have much effect on the burner itself.

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Compared to my GOSM big block, the flame looks like it's in the acceptable range. I can't speak for the SV.
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