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I dont add fat, I add untrimmed pork shoulder and not that much about 5 lbs pork shouler and 15 lbs deer. So thats umm 25% pork. It turns out great not fatty at all. The pork helps with consistancy, it helps hold it together, without the pork it turns out a little dry and crumbly to me.
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Ya mine is a bit dry, but I do also grind some pork in it.. Probably have similar results...
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We usually use 60%venision 40%porkbutt.I think we could get away with a little less pork,but that is just how we have made it and it is never dry.Also just last year we used some of that high temp cheese in it and it was really,really good.We used pepper jack.Not sure if you guys are familiar with the cheese,but it is a must try.It is kinda expensive 7-8 dollars a pound,but well worth it.
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Do you just chunk that up and grind it with your meat?

How much meat will a pound of cheese go into?
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The High Temp Cheese I use comes already cubed/pellets and ready to mix in. I get it from the local meat locker/processor.
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Yeah what archernut says.I have gotten it in one pound bags.They say to use 1 pound cheese to 10 pounds meat.I really enjoy the summer sausage this way.Like I said if you haven't made it like this you won't regret doing it.My favorite is the pepper jack.
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