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20 lb Venison Summer Sausage

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Well I ground stuffed and smoked 20lbs of Venison summer sausage last weekend, and it turned out awsome.

14 lb venison 6 lb fatty pork butt. smoked at 140 degrees for about 6 hours then 170 degrees for about 4 hours. Took it off at 150 degrees internal temp, I usally run it to 152, but I was too tired to wait for the last 2 degrees. It didnt matter it turned out great.

The old dishwasher smoker did pretty good, I plugged it in and had it heated up to about 180 with nothing in it. Once I put in the sausage it fell to about 140 and just held there. After about 5 hours I decided to jump it up with a couple pieces of ashed over lump charcoal in a pan. That ran the tem up beautifully I had to crack the door to hold it at 170...as the coals burned out I kept inching the door more closed unitl I finally shut it completley, the electric element held that temp the rest of the way through.

It took a little work, I just can break down and buy a MES when I turn out tasty sausage in the free homemade job.
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Looks good. I need to get some venison so I can make some out of venison and wild hog.
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oh that would be good, all wild sausage
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Looks like a nice batch of venison sausage. I smoke alot of venison sausage.....we love the stuff! and bow hunting starts this Saturday. Time to fill the freezer up again. My son and I put 7 whitetails in our freezer last year. That got us around 91#s of ground venison alone plus all of the tenderloins and steaks we got! We love this time of year! Here is some pics. of sausage we have done.

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season starts next tuesday here in MO, and my freezer is empty so I might be flinging some arrows
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Nice looking sausage...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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MellarAM I see that you are on MWT also.
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Good looking sausage! I need to use up my venison before season starts here. Thanks for the inspiration. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Excellent.The dishwasher smoker is ingeniousPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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new to smoking sausage but i do have some venison to use up and this sounds good!

just wondering where you get the casings?

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Now do you think you can share this dishwasher smoker thing. What it is and how it works and stuff like that? I like the sausage too and the beast part is that it venison too you have to love that.
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Great looking sausage both of you. It is the second full week of our hunting season here. I may have missed the window on elk here, as we had a few feet of snow in the back country and the elk have likely moved down to private land and winter reserves. We'll see.
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Man I am so jealous that you guys are close enough to areas to hunt deer. I love venison but rarely ever can get it here in the city.
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evo 9 guy----Where are you located? Your "BIO" doesn't say anything.

BTW: MellerAM----Your sausage looke GREAT!
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I get mine at the local deli, you have to ask for them. The ones I buy are fresh, I like them because they tend to be longer.

They also sell some at some supermarkets that are packed in salt. I have found that these tend to be only about 3 feet long.

Both turn out good product.
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Here is where I get mine, http://www.butcher-packer.com/index....Path=85_93_100

They are pre-tied on one end, I use hog rings to secure the other end after stuffing. I perfer the 2" x 27", I use 2 electrical tie wraps to divide each into 3 sections to give me 3 - 1lb chubs. They fit perfectly in a 1 gallon zip-lock for freezing. I also perfer the clear so I can tell when the sausage is the correct color.
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Sorry its been so long to get back on here. Its an old portable dishwasher. All metal on the inside with high temp paint. I gutted every piece of plastic out of it. The unit is insulated and cool to the touch outside while smoking. I built the shelves in it and thats about it. I orginally just rewired the orginal heating element in it, but it wouldnt get hot enough. So recently I purchased a brinkman converter element and now I can smoke at 250 with the door closed and no extension cord or under 200 with door cracked and 100 ft extension cord. i plan on doing 50 lbs of summer sausage in one batch in a month or so...It should be a great undertaking!

By the way I killed that guy in my Avatar 5 days after my original post!!
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Just got 51 lb of venision back from the locker today. I hated to send it for processing but we weren't prepared for the warm weather this season.

I will turn all of that into various forms of summer sausage. Jalepeno spicy, regular mustard seed garlic and my personal favorite black and red pepper summer sausage.

My question is I rarely ever add any fat to the mix as I don't care for fatty summer sausage. Those of you who use fat do you think it adds any flavor or just to consistancy?

Good looking buck by the way.
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I foresee a new post and pics on the way ... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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