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Guidance with my project (pork and beef ribs)

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Slow day, just working in my home-shop, so gonna give ribs another try. I've made pork ribs on the upper BBQ rack before that came out great, beef ribs I've never had them come out good on either the Q or the Brinkman. Today, I'm loading up and cooking both. Hoping you experienced ribbers out there will give me tips as I go icon_mrgreen.gif

Got the brinkman just started and warming up. Last night I prepped the pork ribs so when it's up to temp, they go on.

So far, beef ribs still in the package, pork ribs are de-membraned with the large fat areas trimmed and rubbed with a little seasoning. I'll post pics and updates as I go, help me out here dudes :)
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Never done beefies myself, but wishing you luck.
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wow never tried beef ones eh? This is my 3rd attempt on these, I'll need the luck!!

heres the pork ribs right before going on. I had to cut the rack into 3 sections so it'd fit in my brinkman.

Last night rubbed with garlic, onion, pepper, and tenderizer.
Just now I brushed them with low sodium soy sauce, spicy mustard and a little long horn BBQ sauce. Their now on the bottom rack, gotta go prep the beef now.

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here's the beef ribs. Brushed with Terryaki, seasoned with garlic, pepper and tenderizer.

Pork went on at 10am, beef on at 10:50am.

Going to spritz with terryaki & pineapple.

Now the worst part of doing all this.. I gotta go clean up the kitchen icon_rolleyes.gif

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Beef ribs are awesome! For me they are simpler.. I only use salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder. I think the trick is the low and slow method. 200 to 225 until the bones are sticking out really good. Usually the beef ribs are thick enough to get a probe between the bones and get a good temp reading. make sure the meat is up to 190 to 195. I sprits with orange juice and rum during the smoke, and with some BBQ sauce for the last 30 minutes or less. tasty! Let us know how they come out. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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cool thanks for the tip! I've been running about 225, hit 250 once, but mostly 225. Just spritzed with the terryaki & pineapple so thought I'd take a pic while the lid was off. Beef on top, pork on the bottom rack.

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Man those look great and your doing fine. I just keep spirtzing about once an hour or so. I like to take them to about 185-190 or so and they should be just fine you could take them alittle farther if you want to tender them up alittle but I like alittle tug to mine. Remember if you want sauce (I don't use it) you should slanther them with about 30 maybe 45 minutes left to the smoke. Good Luck Your doing great.
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Thanks for the advice! :)

Cool, I was guessing about once an hour for the spritz.

So 190 or so for both pork and beef? I just spritzed again, the beef ribs are starting to pucker up a bit, kewl.

I'm debating on sauce, I think I'll go sauceless and just dunk if needed once their done. The seasonings + the terryaki/pineapple mix with the hickory smoke is smelling so freaken good out there it's killing me! :)
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I wouldnt worry about sauce with the marinade and spritz your using... They look great, and should have a great teriyaki flavor when done.
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Cool ok, I'll just use the spritz :)
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Hey should I flip them so I can spritz the other side for a while?
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I wouldn't
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OK so the other side is ok without spritz then. Mentally that bothers me lol but I'll keep em as is :) thanks!
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Here are some shots at the 3 hour mark.

Pork peeking through the side hatch

Pork from the top

Beef ribs

Is this about how they should look at this point?
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At 180 now.. getten close to cooler time!
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Beef in the cooler :)
Pork at 160... why are pigs so slow!! :)
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Pork in the cooler now, final pics soon!
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Likely a different temp on that lower rack. They are looking good!
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Thanks, and they WERE good :)
Just a little left overs but man.. finally I made some killer ribs. That terryaki and pineapple was amazing!!! They came out juicy, tender, fall of the bone, just perfect.My wife said the best ribs shes ever had anywhere. Kewl!!!!

Heres the pork

Heres the beef

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Very nice job, now ya know how to do it. Points to you. points.gif
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