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Meco brand electric smoker

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Anyone heard of or used this brand of electric smoker? It's on Craigslist here locally. I have been thinking of an electric or propane smoker for the long winter months here.
I don't know this one looks cheaply made to me.
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From the pics it looks comparable to the Brinkman with one nice upgrade. There is a rheostat on the element which means you can adjust the heat. Here is a link to the unit new.
I think it's a tad high for new/used but the Brinkman is going to run you about $80 bucks and I'd rather have the rheostat. I can tell you that you will have better luck keeping a propane hot in the winter than the electric unless you have mild climate and/or some kind of shelter. Wind knocks the heat right out of these units... propane also but not as bad. At least in the units I have. I use the NG smoker in the winter way more.
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Thanks pignit. Our winters are pretty brutal up here. The snp dosen't last to long into the fall. Way too much steel to try to keep up to temp once the weather starts to cool in the fall. And if you get a cool breeze forget it.

Rivet is hooking me up with some mods for it that should help extend the season using the snp. But I would like something that I can use in the dead of winter here. I still grill quite often in the winter. I just pull the grill just inside the garage door to keep it out of any wind. I would do the same with a smoker. I was leaning towards a propane type actually as we always keep propane tanks around for for the ice fishing heaters anyhow.
Yeah, I think i will pass on this little electric. icon_neutral.gif
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Don't take me wrong... I love my little elcheapo brinkman electric. It turns out some really good smokes. But I was sittin here the other day lookin at my NG smoker and thinkin I need to get rid of something.... I've got like 7 smokers all together. Then I remembered why I had it in the first place. It is awesome in the winter. I'm actually looking forward to smoking with it when it cools down outside.
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