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Speaking of this, I did some plain ol spare pork ribs this weekend. One rack with BBQ, I did use smoke but the other I left bare and moped with plain 7up.

Lets just say the plain 7up ones were gone and I have a ton of BBQ ones left over.

I tried to hit on the "sweat" periods to allow the 7up to be drawn into the meat and the results were fantastic. I like my ribs to fall off the bone and melt in my mouth like candy. They both did just that.
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I enjoyed the post nutzman/helljack6.Also i have noticed in mike mills restaurants on t.v. they have rotisourie smokers.

I do alot of ribs,so will give the 210 degree a whirl....Pops mentioned that the cell structure ruptures-i.e. water is released from meat over 210-i like to think this is true-he was refering to prime rib-not bones...LOL.I enjoy a challenge..

Thanks for the post....
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So if I understand cook them naked the first time so you have something to compare them to when you add smoke or different kinds and amounts of smoke then when you figure out the kind and amount of smoke you like start with the different smokes or spritzes and see what differences each makes till you get them just the way you want them is this correct? Sounds reasonable may take some time but you would understand the changes made by each step of the process
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This article explains the "smoke ring". And one last item; why should the folks who use gassers & wattburners have to give up their wood and the charcoal and stick burners don't, for the sake of the "baseline"? That's like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Very interesting threadPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Figured I'd bump this as I keep seeing more and more rib posts about and comments about how ribs AREN'T and what people thought ribs ARE.
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Bumped due to the nature of more rib posts, hopefully this will answer some questions for the new smokers looking to try their hand at a great set of ribs.

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Thanks helljack,

I've been smoking ribs and most everything else at 210-215 for some time now, no spritz, no foil, no peeking. So far I've had good success with this method, and keep expanding it to just about everything except chicken or turkey. I do use a rub, but mostly a very basic, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, and brn. sugar. I guess I'll have to try a naked rack as well.

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