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Reheating Ribs W/qview

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With all the newbies here I thought I would post a simple method that works for me.

Skillet, rack, and a lid.

15 minutes with about 1/2 inch of water.

As good as, or better than, off the smoker.

If you have a large amount use a cookie sheet with about the same amount of water, bones down and cover in film or foil , oven pre heated at 225' for 20 25 minutes.

Good luck!
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that is a good idea. i usually just put them in the oven.
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Looks Good Ron...
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Great advise from a man who does smoke often... if not always.
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Or you could just eat them cold icon_smile.gif

Nice post Ron, good idea for many souls who may wonder what a good tried and true method for reheating ribs is.
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Oh, you can also use a rice steamer if it is big enough, mine is not.
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Another way of heating these things that has really worked good for me is slap them on the grill. I vacuum mine with a little sauce and freeze them. I defrost them and put them on a searing hot grill for a few minutes on each side... enough to caramelize the sauce around the edges. They taste as good or better than they did the day I smoked em. Great job Ron!
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