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1st Pork Roast GOSM Style w/ Q-View

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Well, my wallet has hit an all time low with my wedding 50 days or so away so I went to the bottom of the freezer chest and found a boneless pork roast for my Labor Day smoke.

Smoked using cherry wood around 235. It got a healthy coating of EVOO, italian seasonings, and minced garlic over the top. No cloved garlic to put inside though.

Trying the eggs for the first time... We'll see how they end up.
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Looking good man! Congrats on that wedding coming up. You should cater your own reception. Ok, maybe not, unless you want to be divorced faster than it took to get married. LOL
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Looks good BT what temp ya taking it to and what ya gonna do with all that meat, spritz or no spritz
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The fam is getting hungry so I am going to pull it at 165... It is going to be the main of the dinner tonight. I have been spritzing with apple juice and apple cider vinager.
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Looks good so far and big congratulations on your wedding. One question tho..........does she know about the pic you have with her and the brisket?PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Sounds good BT

Rivet shes a good woman shes guarding that brisky making sure its safe
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Pulled at 165 and then wrapped for about 30 mins.

Sliced and served with applesauce, alfredo pasta, and asparagus.

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Looks awesome PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice sides to go along with it. Looks nice and moist also.
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BT that is a mighty fine looking piece of meat, The results are excellent and looks like your taste testers are enjoying it as well...points.gif
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That's a nice lookin' loin, BT! Good moisture and smoke penetration...leaner/denser meats seem hard to get much smoke ring did real good.

Bet it tasted as good as it looks...

Thanks for sharing a good smoke!

BTW: congrats on the upcoming wedding...keep it real, man!

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Thanks a lot! Yea I was a little surprised at how light the smoke ring was but hey, it worked! The cherry was also a nice flavor to it.

The girls either hate it or love it... They really like the Pulled Pork I do.

Thanks for the input!
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