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smoked deep fried chicken

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Today has been goin good so far... I got a big hunk of cow on the big black in back, and the chicken was in little red...

chicken out of the smoker

and then dipped them in a mix of teriyaki and kickin chicken rub then rolled em in flour and corn flakes, deep fried in bacon fat...

Thanks for checkin my chicken!
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WOW..... How'd they turn out?..... Sounds good.....
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They look great. Did you cook them thru on the smoke?
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They tasted amazing! and yeah Willy, I cooked them all the way on the smoker. Im kinda amazed myself, seeing as my thermo was busy making sure the temp was staying good in the big smoker. so I just kinda hoped for the best, and well... I gotta say that was the best fried chicken I have ever had.
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You talk about out if the box. Thats one for the really strange box for sure.points.giffor even tring that. Great ob and keep thing smokin
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Thanks balli! I sure will. I got the idea from the newsletter, but I didnt have any of the rubs and spices that Jeff talked about, so I just kinda threw things together, and Im sure glad I did. this is a keeper... I got some wings in the freezer that I might just have to smoke tomorrow... :)
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Looks Great, did they taste good? Something I would not have thought about doing...points.gif
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That looks really interesting! Did smoking the bird till done then frying it dry ot out any? PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nope, not at all. Then again I soaked them then injected them with a mix of chicken stock and teriyaki sauce. Im sure that helped a hell of a lot. :)
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Whoooweee, I love that. So after smoking the chicken you dunked them in a teri sauce with that rub Mix?, then I see the flour and corn flakes then deep fryed.

We do a similar version in HI, but the smoke deal just kicks over the top. We would prep the chicken, flour season etc. fry the chicken and after the fry to dunk in the teriyaki sauce so the the juice soaks all into the bird.

HMMM I'm gonna have to do a smoked chicken and then fry, then the dunk in the sauce.

Thanks for the ideas, it just hits a light bulb when I see stuff and figure it into my own spin.

Your style sure sounds good as the finish chicken is crunchy, gotta try that too. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Now that's got to be some good eating! I always wanted to try that dish.
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Those look awesome.

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