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Labor Day football grub!

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Brown sugar rubbed spare ribs over a post oak/peach wood cocktail...

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Now thats a nice rack of ribs there brian I hope there aren't too many people coming over for the game and ribs. They look great just for you.
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Nice looking ribs you have there Brian...
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Nope, everyone that was supposed to come over bailed and Jerry never said one way or the other, so...I just did one rack. Stuck the other 3 in the freezer for use at a later date.
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Looks good but it would be a long ride from Crystal River biggrin.gif
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Crystal River? You didn't make it up this weekend?
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Decided to wait till next weekend prolly Thursday afternoon or Friday I'm grilling steaks on my new gas grill today biggrin.gif
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Some fine looking ribs. Did you rub them with ONLY brown sugar?
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Looks great, Brian. Makes me want to smoke some ribs tomorrow, except it's supposed to rain.
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No, it's a brown sugar rub, but brown is the MAIN ingredient. It's non-spicey for the delicate pallet of my girls. No spritz either.
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Good looking ribs GS. Hopefully a great game will keep them from going sour on you. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
Good luck.
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Fine looking rack my friend!
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