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Labor Day Smoke (with QVIEW)

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This could end up in a number of different places but since the majority of what I am smoking is pork I'll start here.

Many of you have seen my build thread over in the stick burners. Finally getting a chance to try out the new toy.

Started tonight with 2 6lb pork butts and a 10lb brisket.

Tomorrow morning will bring a elk roast, 6 racks of st louis ribs, 2 beer can chickens, ABT's, 2 Humpie Salmon, and a batch of Wicked Beans.

Feeding about 35-40 people late in the afternoon.

More pics to come.
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Nice menu, I'll be looking forward too the rest of the Q-view
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Sounds like a heck of a good smoke... Be sure to post the finished Qview...
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Can't wait to see how this comes out.

Don't forget the Q view PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Man thats a really big smoke you have on order there Timbre. Well Good lucj in which I'm sure you don't need so keep the Q coming and may the smoke be with you.
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Little update. Brisket and butts are off the smoker. All looking good. Now it is loaded with ribs, a elk roast, fresh caught salmon, beans, and a couple of chickens. Still have to put in the ABT's (when I find room)

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