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My belated Birthday Dinner brought to you by Ron!

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I've been waitin all week for the chance to use the Yoshidas Ron traded with me for. I was going to do the chicken thighs just like Ron does with the TQ but I had it in my mind to only cure them a couple of hours. After re-reading the post I realized he usually cures for 6 to 8 hours and I just didn't have time soooooo........ I marinaded them in the Yoshidas for a couple of hours before wrapping them in bacon, sprinkling with lemon pepper and smoking gently in apple wood for a few hours.

I also cleaned out some of the Chilis I got in the mail from Ron. Mine were medium hot so I cleaned them out really well making sure to get all the seeds and veins out. I don't like them scorching hot.

I wanted to show this picture even though it is blurry to make a point of the temp difference in the MES. I didn't open the door except to put the ABTs in about an hour after I put the chicken in. This is what the chicken looked like coming out of the smoker. Amazing how concentrated that heat is in the corner. I forgot to put my little baffle in to see what a difference it would make. I guess I now have something to compare to. This will be the without baffle picture.

After I pulled them out of the smoker I slapped them on the hot grill for a few minutes to crisp up the skin and the bacon. Wish I had thought to put some more Yoshidas on before they hit the grill.

Off the grill and plated up for consumption. This was honestly some of the best chicken I've smoked. Red and my daughter loved it. I ate way too much.

Red cut up some of the chilis she roasted yesterday and made up a big mess of fresh salsa. It turned out awesome.

I carefully cleaned out about a dozen of the chilis and stuffed them with a mix of cream cheese, sausage and a number of cheeses I needed to use up out of the fridge. Swiss... sharp cheddar, and italian mix.

I also stuffed a few jalapenos and some banana peppers. I did some with just cheese and the rest with the sausage mix. These are the chilis I got from Ron.. they were really shweeeeeeet! Just a tad of bite and just the way I like them. Perfect heat for me.

Here are the jalapenos and the banana peppers all finished up. Really good stuff. If you haven't experimented with other peppers with the filling you should. Lots of great flavors out there.

Finished it off with a homemade blueberry lemon cake. Good lord. I am stuffed. One more thank you to Ron. Couldn't eat anything tonight other than the cake that Ron didn't have somethin to do with.

Thanks for checkin out my QVIEW.
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I've always wondered what Yoshidas tastes like....

Looks like you have some fantastic peppers ABTs going on! Dang good looking food there, Pig, and big time kudos for the pics. Drooling over here....

Real nice to know you had a great exchange with Ron. Excellent Q-Vue!

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it all looks so good PignIn... The chilies look nice and Hot too...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Well Happy Belated Birthday there Pig. That dinner looks to very good and with new sauces and vegis from the garden. Man you are awful lucky that you can grow things. So happy birthday again and enjoy.
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I finally got to taste what Ron has been talking about. It is a very tastee sauce. It is like a thick soy sauce but not near as salty. As a matter of fact... I didn't taste salty at all when I ate the chicken. I really think it will be great to glaze with.
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Ron said he had picked up some milds that burnt him up. I think somebody slipped him a mickeeee. These are medium hot and I cleaned them up good thinkin they would be really hot... but they weren't hot at all. Maybe Ron got mine and his mixed up.
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Happy belated, I know I told you already BUT, the food looks great.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Ah! So much beautiful bacon... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Really looks great.
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someone sure likes bacon... lookin good though
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PignIt, I have a question, you got 30 lbs of Chilies from Ron right?

Should I buy stock in a bacon plant or a cream cheese plant or an Ice Cream Plant since 30 lbs of Chilies is going to really drive up sales of all of them... icon_mrgreen.gif
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Probably be easier to just buy some stock in Sams Club.... that's where I buy all of it.
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Cool chow!
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