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1st time smoking whole chickens...

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Newbie here again! I'm smoking 2 whole chickens tomorrow, and they are currently brining (overnight). How long can I expect to smoke them for, and what is the actual temp I'm trying to shoot for (both smoker and chicken)?

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Probably around 3 to 3 1/2 hours @ 275. I would shoot for around 165º internal in the breast. Although my wife wants no blood, so I go 170º
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Thanks, Flash!! Exactly the info I was lookin' for!
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Theres a time temp table on the left side of the page under Jeff's How To's

Personally I like to do chicken at 325 or so to get a nice crispy skin. Doing chicken low n slow usually results in the skin being like rubber.
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This is true, but alot of smokers cannot reach 325º

What you can do is transfer to a charcoal or gas grill to crisp up the skin some. I like to do that.

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I'm with Piney when it comes to the to smoke at about 325 in the gosm. I bring it up to 175 in the thickest part of the thigh.

Good luck and good smokin'
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With my MES topping out at 275 I go with that which usually results in higher temps in the smoker so it's all good.

I have also done chicken in the smoker then tossed it on the grill to crisp the skin or add sauce and form a glaze.

I also spatchcock my chickens which shortens the cooking time and helps get more even cooking between the white and dark meat.
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I like my chicken also with some crispy skin but I smoke at about 275 or a little higher and take my birds to about 170=175 in the breast. So as you cam see the skin is mighty crispy and yummy too. So good luck and I'm sure you'll like the birds
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Nice looking birds you have there!

Nice job!
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What the heck is spatchcock? I don't even think that is legal with a chicken in the State of Arizona. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Im glad someone ask that,lolbiggrin.gif
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