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Whole Chickens

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I am smoking two whole chickens tomorrow. They are about 7lbs apiece and I am using the beer can method. How long should they cook for at 230 degrees? I thought that I read it is about 30 minutes per pound. Anyone have a rub recipe to share? Thanks.
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Google up Memphis Rub. I would up your heat though. 250 to 275, maybe 3 to 3 1/2 hours. This will get you some rubbery skin though, so if you want it crispy, smoke at 325ยบ. If you smoker cannot hit that temp, try moving it to a gas or charcoal grill for a time to crisp it up.
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Get a thermometer and check the deepest part of the thigh, at 165*F it will be done. Yhat saves the breast from getting too dry.icon_mrgreen.gif
Chicken Rub:
1/4cup-lt. brown sugar
1tbls.-Onion powder
2tbls.-season Salt
1/2 tsp. each-Garlic powder , Chili powder , Lemon Pepper , ground Basil , ground Rosemary , Ceyenne
1tbls.-ground Sage
Mix and put in container in a dry place and dust Fowl liberaly several hours before cooking. Cook @ 225*F until 165*F in thigh.

Enjoy and
SMOKE HAPPY icon_mrgreen.gif
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Ain't nothin better than a chicken cooked with a beer can up it's butt! Have fun and enjoy.
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I'd recommend that you spatchcock them, or use the "leapfrog" technique to get them to cook more evenly, but beer can is tried and true.
Have fun!
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Most all poultry will run you somewhere in the 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 range for the most part, though for legal reasons I will of course mention go by temp not time.
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I'm glad somebody threw in the not by time but by temp. You have very large birds there. Sounds like you have a plan and I'm sure you have a thermo-meter. For your rub there is a whole section here with differant rubs I personally like the old bay rub it has alittle kick or I have used Shooter Ricks snake bitten chicken rub and it's really great and it's in that section too.
Here's a link to that section. Give it a shot and happy smoking
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