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Question about Pork Ribs for tomorrow.

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I am supposed to be bringing some pork spareribs to a buddy's house tomorrow. I was wondering if there is anyway I can knock out most of the smoke today/tonight and finish it up tomorrow without losing the tenderness and taste of the ribs.

I was thinking about doing the 3-2-1 method and just pulling them off the smoker after the 2 hour foiling, and then doing the 1 hour cook tomorrow. That way the food will be hot, and I can put some sauce on them. I'm just not sure how well that will work.
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You can reheat them in a glass cassarole type dish covered in foil in the oven at about 300*. They may loose some of their texture. But better that than no ribs at all, right?
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Hey does anyone know the internal temps for the 3-2-1 for pork ribs. I know at the "3" hour mark the visual cue is the meat starting to seperate, but is there a temperature that corispondes to each step?

And thx for the tip dude!
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Probably too late for a timely answer, but here goes.
Friday I did 24 racks of baby backs for a gathering on Saturday and cooked them the way you want to. 5 hours in the smoker on Friday, coolered for a bit then into the fridge overnight. Saturday they went back into the cooker for re-heating. Could have used an oven at this point, but the smokers are a better show. They came out great. Tasty and tender. Not competition quality, but most folks don't like 'em that way anyway. Good luck. I wasn't too sure how this would work either but now I know!
Also you probably don't want to use foil on the re-heat. That'll make for mushy ribs.
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I have found a new way to re-heat things (ok newto me) I take a pasta pot and steam things hot. It doesn't take long at all and it seems to add alittle moisture back into the meat also. So give it a try if you have never heard of it.
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I reheat mine all the time. Just cook them to however you like, cool and refridgerate. Warm whole or individual. Works for me...
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