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SMV24 Help needed

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I'm unboxing my Browning Smoke Vault 24 smoker when I notice that there appears to be an excessive gap around the door. I know when the smoker box is flexed the gap changes on the top and bottom and may adjust out during assembly. My main concern is the side gap. Anyone else have this issue when they got their vault? Should I proceed with assembly or return the vault?

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Sure doesn't look right to me. Is there anything during assembly that would pull that side back in or adjust the door?
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Don't think so, but I've not proceeded with assembly. Hoping someone else had this type issue and can tell me whether or not it worked itself out. Will be much easier returning the unit boxed.
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Take a tape measure and measure from upper left corner to lower right corner, then upper right corner to lower left corner and see how far out of square the actual chamber is. Then do the same on the door. If the chamber is more than 1/4"-3/8" out, I'd return it.
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Hmmm....That's a pretty noticeable gap. Try checking the smoke box itself itself to see if it got damaged in shipping. When mine came in, I had a 1/8th inch gap in the same area. I went to a appliance repair shop and asked for oven door gasket. I then attached the gasket with high temp stove and gasket cement (Ace Hardware). Part of the problem with mine was that the pockets where the hinges drop into may have been a hair off. Even with the gasket in place, I had to shim the bottom of the door. Good Luck.....once you get it dialed in you'll love the smoker.

PS..I just looked at the picture of your smoker again....There was a similar ding in mine above the door in a similar spot on our first picture. Could have been shipping damage. Check out what Mikey is saying. Your gap looks way to big.
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The box and door will not work together without a gap. Heading back to the store to hopefully swap or get a refund. icon_sad.gif
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Take your tape measure with you and unbox and check it before you leave the store. Might save some more frustration.
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Back from the store with new Vault. This one is much better PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
From comparing the two it appears that the hinge mounts on the "bad" box were mounted in the wrong location. Glad I went back. Funny thing is, I selected the first unit based on a pristine box the second units box was kinda beat up.

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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifWay to Go!! Season it up and get to smoking! Don't forget the Q-views!!!!
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Sometimes you can never win. That has happened to me before as well. I am kinda particular at buying products in pristine packages, but you can never tell by the outside of the box........

Glad everything worked out in the end.
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I'm Impressed. Camp Chef has a new customer (always been a Browning firearm fan). Very customer friendly assembly and quality was much higher than expected. All I can say is WOW!
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I was going to say you might have a vault that was alittle out of square like Mikey said. I'm glad you took thats one back you never know about the little things when you buy stuff in the box. I glad that things worked out for you. Happy Smoking.
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Got her seasoning. It's warm today (88 no clouds or wind) and she's sitting in the sun. Still able to keep her down around 200 by the door thermo (checking that too).

Still thrilled, looking forward to Friday for the true test.
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