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Saussage are in

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Just put 8 Polish and 8 Brats in the smoker, this is my first

time smoking pork ,I have my meat temp alarm set at 175f is this to

hot ? and went they get up to temp what next I've heard soak in beer

and put in fridge would that be alright ?

Thanks for the help guys - Platecutter
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I wouldnt go that high personally. If you are planning on eating right away, then pulling at 165 is fine. If you are planning on storing and re heating later, I would pull them at 150, and chill. Gives you a little cooking room when it's time to re heat. Brats in beer is like cheese and crackers. they just go together. I like to start brats in a pan with a little butter then deglaze and braise in beer to finish.
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Thanks Fourthwind I will keep that in mind for next time ,

just pulled them at 178f and letting them cool to room

temp ,then vacume seal in two's for latter - platecutter
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Any pictures? Would love to see how they turned out.
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Sorry no pic's yet I haven't got a setup for that ,

soon though . They seem to have turned out well

by the look an smell , and yet another mod for

the smoker comes to light - racks or rods for hanging

sausage from is needed . Platecutter
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Picture we need pictures please pretty please pictures
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Didn't happen!

What kind of smoker do you have? I don't think the smoker has been made that someone on this forum hasn't modded, and hanging racks is a common mod.
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smoking sausage is great

just did 4 Jimmy Dean sausage "rolls" regular and the maple on the smoker PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif it turned out great .........i smoked them for four hours but it also will depend how hot your smoker is i try and keep mine around 220 degrees i could not even begin on the taste and the smoke ring in the sausage is real good ...........never did it before a friend tried it and told me about it so now i have a freezer with at least 2 ready to eat !!!!PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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